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Join the #1 affiliate marketing connection network on the internet.

Connect with 230+ successful affiliate partners and solve all your challenges.
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Thomas McMahon

Traffic Tribe is full of quality and vetted affiliate partners. It only takes one new partner per month to get an ROl - which is extremely easy to do at the bi-weekly virtual events or even off-line through the extensive Traffic Tribe member directory.

Thomas McMahon, ClickBank

Traffic Tribe Is The World’s #1 Connection Network For Affiliate Marketers

Connect with high-level affiliate partners & industry leaders. Get high-quality traffic, see what’s working now, and generate revenue together as a community

Hi, I'm Amber Spears. Founder of Traffic Tribe.

You might have seen me speak on stages like Traffic and Conversion, Affiliate Summit East, Affiliate Summit World, War Room and Mindshare.

After a decade of working in the world of affiliate marketing, generating over half a billion in front end sales for my clients, I can tell you that your growth depends on who you know in the industry.

It takes a big network to scale with affiliates, so I went out and built a really big network.

I went to every single conference, mastermind, and networking event in the affiliate world, eventually going from attendee to keynote speaker.

I built what I needed both as a business owner and a salesperson representing my agency clients.

And it`s working for the 250 companies in the Tribe (and growing).

I`d love to see if this would work for you, too.


What’s Inside Traffic Tribe?


Over 250+ Vetted Affiliate Managers Who Will Move Serious Traffic For Your Offer

You can stop worrying about bidding wars for keywords, useless cold outreach, or wasting thousands of dollars on traffic that doesn’t convert.
Start tapping into a network of over 250+ companies that are all sending each other high-quality traffic, introducing each other to new partners and influencers, and growing together as a community.
Even if your ad accounts get shut down tomorrow, you’ll still have a rich traffic vein to tap into anytime

Up-To-Date, Exclusive Trainings & Tools From Industry Experts

Inside you’ll discover the latest trainings & strategies on:

  • How to optimize all aspects of your marketing to set up partnerships for success
  • Traffic secrets to unlock measurable scale and growth
  • Deal making and negotiation that solidifies relationships & results
  • Systematic approaches to smash revenue goals whether you’re flying solo or scale a team

Each module is jam packed with workbooks, tools, quick reference download, and comprehensive video lessons ensuring you get exactly what you need when you need it.


Monthly Live Events With The Biggest Marketers In The World

We meet live twice every month to network with each other, unabashedly pitch our offers to the right people, and learn from the biggest names in the industry like Rich Schefren, Stefan Georgi, JJ Virgin, Wellness Mama, Joe Polish…

That is 24 chances a year for you or your team to meet new affiliate partners and leaders in health, financial, personal development, education, and ecommerce!

All for a price that is LESS than the cost of going to a single conference, where chances are high you meet a bunch of nice people, who don’t move the needle for your business sales.


Exclusive Community & Personal Support

No more useless outreach. Start hanging out with other Traffic Tribe Members to stay accountable, engaged and connected with amazing professionals who understand your language! Members can also post questions in the group to get help in between live calls.

We’ll host breakout sessions that drive networking and connection within the community. It’s mastermining on steroids, from the comfort of your own home or office. No expensive travel required!

We’ll also assign you a personal concierge. You can reach out to them at any time to help locate the resources you need.

So you don’t waste any time searching for the answers or digging around in the directory.


Special: Monthly Live Traffic Tee-Up

Each month we select 5-7 people to participate in our Traffic Tee-Up where they can share their new-to-market or proven winner offer (with an exclusive commission structure.) Then our community shows up to volunteer traffic, introduce connections, or help improve their reach.

This is a great way to practice your pitch, gain traffic from your community, OR fill your calendar with exclusive opportunities that your audience hasn’t yet seen yet.

We’ve seen members make $12,000 from one send with a product pitched on the call.

Members can submit an application at any time for their offer to be considered and all members can join monthly to pledge traffic, connection, or support every month.

What traffic tribe members are saying

Who Is This Mastermind For?

  • Are you a business owner that sells health, financial, education, ecommerce or personal development products online?
  • Do you want to learn how to scale your business with partnership marketing, but you don’t have a community of people to network with and learn from?
  • Do you want to generate an extra 6 or 7-figures with the help of affiliates & influencers?
  • Are you an affiliate manager, business development manager or marketing manager that needs to find more partners to work with through email marketing and social media?
  • Are you frustrated with the ups and downs of paid media and are looking to diversify your customer acquisition model?

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions above, you would likely be a great fit for the Traffic Tribe.


What If You Can Have 10 Years Worth Of Valuable Industry Connections In 12 Months?


We know it’s a bold claim.

But we’ve seen members generate an extra $3.7 million in affiliate revenue within 12 months of joining Traffic Tribe.

Members who 5x’ed their revenue in the first 6 months.

Simply because they’re connected to the right people.

This could be you.

Instead of wasting years of trial error, you can get guidance from leading affiliate experts who are responsible for hundreds of millions in revenue generated.

Amy Reichert

As an affiliate manager who works remotely, I live for the bi-weekly Traffic Tribe events put on by East 5th Avenue. I made 20 deals on the last Traffic Tribe virtual event! Over the past 3 years we gained 100 new affiliate partners. You will learn more than you could ever from a book, a mastermind or any conference.

Amy Reichert, My Green Fills

Stop Googling "How To or Where To"

Instead of asking ChatGPT where you can find more affiliate partners…

You can go directly to the place where a ton of willing and high volume affiliates are.

Instead of googling “How to Grow An Affiliate Program” and falling into the rabbit hole of conflicting information…

You’ll know exactly where to go and start moving the needle for your business.

Your growth depends on who you know in the industry and the quality of information you get from people doing what you want to do at the highest level.

So if you want your business to break free from plateaus, you need to connect with the right partners who will back you up at every step of the journey.


Ready To Join? Here’s How In 3 Simple Steps


Step 1: Apply for Traffic Tribe

Simply fill out a short questionnaire.

This will help us determine if you’re serious about joining.


Step 2: Book a call with our team

We’ll hop on a quick call and see if we’re a good fit for each other.

We want to make sure Traffic Tribe is a safe and highly curated place for affiliate managers, marketers & business owners to grow and help each other succeed.


Step 3: You’re in!

If you’re a good fit for Traffic Tribe, you’ll get access to our exclusive community, events, live calls, training. Everything you need to fast track your business growth with affiliate marketing.

We’ll support you at every step of your journey. We’ll help you scale your partnership marketing channel with much less effort, time, and headaches so you can enjoy the process instead of stressing about it.

Hundreds Of Millions Generated By Our Members

James Klein

Without a doubt Traffic Tribe has had a huge impact on my business. The strategies I've learned, the people I've met, and the business I've done through Traffic Tribe have paid for the entire year’s membership in under 45 days!

Tony Kasandrinos

Best decision I’ve made for my business. We have 5x our revenue in the first 6 months by creating and offer and promoting it with the Traffic Tribe affiliates.

Christine Faler

Great opportunity to meet new affiliates, make deals and learn from the leaders in the affiliate marketing world. Signed nine deals at the bi-weekly Traffic Tribe virtual event, what would have normally taken months of meetings, calls, cold reach outs, and back and forth negotiations emails! Best return on investment ever!

Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If after you join, you can find another mastermind for affiliate marketers that offers:

  • Access to more A-List marketers and high-quality affiliate partners than us…
  • More affiliate marketing training than us…
  • More high-quality traffic than us…
  • All while charging you less.
  • Then you’ll get free lifetime access to Traffic Tribe.

That’s how confident we are. We believe that Traffic Tribe is the single best choice for you if you’re looking for an elite community to help you scale your partnership marketing.

What People Usually Ask

How Does Traffic Tribe Work

We have an on-demand membership portal AND we run 2 live networking calls monthly via Zoom. The format changes to keep members engaged and meeting new faces each time, but every member gets to participate and pitch his or her offer in front of the Traffic Tribe.

Calls take place every other Wednesday at 11AM – 1PM PT

It is encouraged, but not required that you attend each call as they are all recorded in the membership portal.

How do I get the most out of this program? Where do I start?

Start by reading the first email we send after you sign up *in full*. You’ll be directed to the membership portal area with other helpful videos and tips for getting started.

Browse through the Traffic Tribe membership directory and identify 5 companies that make sense for you to work with. Narrow them down by industry, top offer or service, and if they promote 3rd party offers.

I’ve been in this industry for a while and know everyone - why should I join? this program? Where do I start?

We will be providing tips, tricks, and strategies on getting more out of your current affiliate partners. This group is an opportunity for you to nurture existing relationships, while also meeting new partners.

Our East 5th Avenue team is always strategizing on how to bring in new partners that you as an experienced marketer will have first shot at working with.

As leaders in the affiliate marketing industry, we meet new partners and hear about new offers FIRST. Often We receive 5-10 referrals of new partners per week. We vet the quality of new companies joining our community.

I’m new to Affiliate Marketing. Is this group for me?

Yes. As long as you have a product or service that you are selling online, the Traffic Tribe is the place to learn how to optimize your offer, build an affiliate program and successfully sell through affiliates.

I’ve worked with East 5th Avenue before, how is this different?

This is different from being a client of ours where we ran your affiliate department or trained your affiliate manager. This is a unique opportunity to be directly dialed into our network and leverage our relationships (that we have spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to make) to create your own. We don’t take any percentages of business created from the group. Making this opportunity less expensive with a higher ROI!

Additionally, you set the pace and dedication of time for how actively you participate in the trainings and live (or recorded) opportunities. So it’s not completely done for you.

Am I locked into a subscription?

Absolutely not, members can cancel their membership at any time before their next billing date, but… we hope you will commit for a 1 year membership to get the most value from the relationships and training you will receive.

There are no formal weekly time commitments to be a part of the Traffic Tribe, however the live calls are every other Wednesday from 11AM-1PM PST.

Recordings are available on-demand in the membership portal.

You can complete any training on your own time and schedule. It will be waiting for you in the membership portal right after sign up.

What’s the cancellation policy? How do I cancel?

Traffic Tribe is not for everyone. If it’s not working for you, we will miss you but wish you well.

Soon it will be possible to cancel your account online, but for now, just drop us an email at academy@east5thavenue.com or fill out our a cancellation survey – https://cutt.ly/hjb2pBN and we’ll take care of it for you.

BTW, if you want to put your account “on hold” for a while, and preserve your current membership rate, we have a “pause” account available.

Please notify us at least 7 days before your next subscription charge to avoid being charged.

Does this program help me build an offer?

No. This program is designed to build, grow, or scale an affiliate program for a new or existing offer. However, you are still welcome! We have topic specific training focused on optimizing your offer available on-demand in the membership portal. There are other members that are in the process of building their first offer and leveraging the expertise of the group to speed up that process-while building relationships with potential future affiliates.

Do you make introductions to affiliate partners?

Yes and No. Every request is at our discretion to complete but it never hurts to ask!

Will this program help me meet an affiliate manager?

Yes and No. There are contractors and even some aspiring affiliate managers in our network that are looking for great companies to work with. While we invite you to first ask the Traffic Tribe and we make no guarantees that we will be able to refer someone, we are happy to provide guidance.

I live outside of the USA, will time zones be a problem?

We have many international friends that join us for the live calls! While it’s in the works to eventually be more time-zone friendly with multiple call times, for now some members are joining drinking coffee in the wee hours of the morning, while others are drinking wine late at night. We promise to make it worth your time wherever you are based!

Can my biz partner/affiliate manager take my place on the calls and share my logins?

Yes. But please note that there is only ONE participant per company allowed on live Zoom calls. You can register a second person to attend all sessions at a discounted rate.

Can you recommend a copywriter/developer?

Yes and No. While we invite you to first ask the Traffic Tribe, but we make no guarantees that we will be able to refer someone, we are happy to provide guidance.nt per company allowed on live Zoom calls. You can register a second person to attend all sessions at a discounted rate.

I’m a copywriter/list manager/vendor, is this group for me?

Maybe. While the Traffic Tribe is composed primarily of offer owners and affiliate managers looking to make traffic deals, we also love having people that provide resources and needed services to the community. We know that the Traffic Tribe is an excellent way to network and meet valuable client prospects.

The Fastest Path To 10x Your Business With Affiliate Marketing Is Through This Door

Connect with A-list marketers & 250+ vetted affiliate partners and start skyrocketing your business growth!