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"After working with East 5th Avenue, our partner revenue has increased by 15% over last year. We would highly recommend any affiliate program, experienced or new, to go through East 5th training."

Annmarie Gianni, Annmarie SkinCare

“With East 5th Avenue, our partner community grew 1200% from 100 partners to 1,300 and the Thyroid Secret documentary series had over 3 million views.”

Michael and Izabella Wentz, The Thyroid Secret

Tap into our network with ongoing connection events, and get consistent warm traffic 

We get have seen and heard it all, and have probably bought those high priced programs that don't come close to paying for themselves. Plus, they waste your valuable time. And you can't afford to waste your time OR your money right now.

With The Traffic Tribe, you are not investing in another online are investing a community of trusted and vetted relationship marketers, brands, influencers, and affiliate partners that you can count on to send you warm traffic on demand.

This is a living, breathing, tribe of people that you are connecting and growing with. A community you can rely on, led by battled tested and experienced industry leaders who will guide you through the ethical and on-brand opportunities you need to thrive in this uncertain climate.

Put your trust into the only revenue stream that is consistent, will ROI positive immediately, and will not part you from your money until a sale is made and the cash has been collected.

Why The Traffic Tribe? 

It's like flying to live events to find new partners ...

but faster, easier, less expensive, and more efficient with pre-qualified affiliates   

With The Traffic Tribe, you can to tap right into our network with ongoing connection events, and get consistent warm traffic to your products and services when you need it most. 

For the last four years, we have worked only with major brands and companies that could afford it.

Our packages started at $10,000, and went up to $250,000. Our clients generated amazing returns, but it has always bothered us that we couldn't reach more businesses with our proven methods. Not just major brands who, with just a few tweaks to their strategy, could add millions of dollars in predictable revenue to their business. 

With The Traffic Tribe, we can bring our proven methods and our massive community of influencers, brands, and affiliate partners together at a price everyone can afford.


In less than a year the East 5th Avenue, our affiliate revenue has scaled 20x, skyrocketing from $100,000 per month to $2,000,000 per month.

Thank you, East 5th Avenue.

Alvin Huang, Truegenics

Great opportunity to hear from leaders in the affiliate marketing world. Signed multiple deals at the single event, what would have normally taken months of meetings, calls, cold reach outs, and back and forth negotiations emails!

Best return on investment ever!

Christine Faler, Paleo Valley

Ethical Affiliate Partnerships Delivered To You

A partnership marketing network of influencers, email marketers, affiliates, JV partners, affiliate managers and product owners are all eagerly waiting to meet you and send warm traffic to your offers. 

Proven Roadmap For Growth And Success

We’ve removed the guesswork of starting or growing a relationship marketing program, and replaced it with a blueprint of success. Follow practical step-by-step instructions from top affiliate managers, major brands, and influencers in the space and track your progress using reliable and understandable metrics. 

Relationships Beat Algorithms

We teach advanced level relationship building with partners, and provide the playground for them to dive deep into their community and create key partnerships. We hang with them on group calls, breakout rooms, virtual hot sets and summits, and in-person events.  Algorithms change, but the relationships you make here will remain stable and predictable. 

Consistent Cashflow You Can Count On

When you join The Traffic Tribe, you can rest easy knowing that this is one traffic source that will generate consistent cashflow, no matter what is going on with the economy.  All you have to do is follow our guidance, and engage with our existing network of connections, and watch the deals flow in. 


Anyone with a product or program that would benefit from affiliate traffic. Affiliate managers, business owners, corporations, product owners, marketing directors, and vendors looking to build or scale their relationship marketing revenue. It works for every industry.


Anyone who does not have or intend on having an affiliate program. Anyone who violates ethical standards like not paying affiliate partners, or acting out of integrity will be kicked out of the community. 


Show up monthly and meet new affiliate partners... like live events... but more efficient.  Get the community you have been searching for with The Traffic Tribe. Get updates when new people join, attend coaching calls to get specific feedback on your challenges, and mix and mingle at our live events.


The moment you join The Traffic Tribe! No waiting, no fuss. Start connecting with major brands and affiliates within minutes of becoming a member. 

Our Commitment To You

We take this community stewardship very seriously, and promise to uphold the highest standards of behavior in the Traffic Tribe 

They missed out! This event was probably one of the best events I’ve ever been to, because it was so focused on getting deals done. A lot of events I’ve been to before, you’ll sit through lectures, you’ll sit through things which you go back and Implement, maybe not. This was focused on actually talking face to face to people and getting stuff in writing. If you missed out, you missed out on tons of deals so come back next time.

Meghan Damico

And what I love about East 5th avenue is they create an environment of collaboration,and where you walk away with a huge ROI, you're gonna walk away with huge wins. Because you’re collaborating, making deals you’re walking away with great relationships, ways to monetize your list for other people and ways for other people to monetize your products, It's collaboration. Best ROI that I’ve had this year.

Warren Phillips

What I’ve seen over the last decade, in terms of the industry, is no one has been able to keep up and play together until East 5th Avenue. They are changing the entire Industry. Not only by helping people get started, but taking big players and making them bigger, and allowing those players to even help the small players to get a leg up in the game.

Randall Zamcheck

It is way more than we expected, we were very nervous at first. We didn’t feel like we had enough of a list, we felt like we didn’t know what the whole affiliate game was, or at the whole affiliate networking thing was, but Amber, Alona and Team made it so easy for us. They broke it down, everybody became the same level. It doesn’t matter if you had a large list or a small list, everybody here wanted to help you. One of the best events that we attend, and I attend a lot of events.

TK Huynh

I think everyone in this group has been in the same situation, so we all know the pain that it is when you’re trying to start up something new, trying to drive business, whatever it is we’ve all been there and we’re all in the same space, so it’s “Yes, I’m gonna help you”, “I don’t want to see you struggling, and I want to see you succeed”. We’re all in it together, and you make things happen on the spot, it’s not e-mails after, it’s not follow- ups weeks later. It’s happening literally in real time. And that is the most powerful experience.

Christian Mcclure

I would say if you are an Entrepreneur, and you have a product you are trying to sell more, then you want a team on your side like East 5th Avenue, because they will multiply what you already have. Purpose of business is to make money. The reason I love East 5th Avenue is, not only making money, it’s knowing where the money comes from, so you can make it predictable. So it’s about profit in the process. And working with East 5th Avenue, Amber, Alona and the entire team is like a shortcut. I mean you are one connection away from anything you want in your life and knowing the team in East 5th, you get it instantly.

Kevin Donahue

I am in a unique situation, I am in the brick and mortar business, a retail business. I am actually making a transition into online, sales and marketing, and affiliate management. And East 5th Avenue is giving me tremendous support and guidance with putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Eric Ward

It will be my one year in this industry, and I have tripled my connections and tripled my income, if you believe it with the East 5th Avenue Team! I’m very Grateful and I am really happy to be part of this!

Christi Simoneaux

It is just overwhelming, I feel actually quite overwhelmed by the amount of people met, the connections, and the amount of deals I've made. I think for me the best thing about coming here is that I feel, not alone, I feel very supported. It was just the best decision ever. Actually one of the best decisions in my business life.

Georgia Foster


Traffic Tribe is a highly-curated online platform to help you attract more affiliate partners so you can continue to grow your business year-round  

With this program, you learn from the top affiliate managers and experts in the industry, and are coached by affiliate leaders who have generated millions more in sales than their closest competitors.

If you want to be the best, learn from the best. The Traffic Tribe will show you exactly what you need to know to start or grow your relationship marketing revenue, right away.


Month Affiliate Partners Event 

Exclusive Member Only Access

THE Place to meet new partners! Looking for the Holy Grail of traffic and new  affiliate partners?  Join us every single month for an event specifically designed to introduce yourself to new partners and book affiliate promotions!  During these live events, you get to pitch your offers, meet brands and influencers that want to send you warm leads, and connect with new 6, 7 and 8-figure companies running affiliate programs.  

This is our signature event, and the most unique community in the industry.  

Affiliate Mastermind with Expert Q&A (Monthly & Exclusive Member Only Access)

NOT your average "sit and listen" mastermind. A monthly mastermind that brings in the absolute best in their game, and get their hands dirty working together on solving your biggest challenges.   Imagine a 9-figure copywriter who charges $100k + giving you a detailed review of your sales page, or consistent 7/8-figure launch strategist reviewing your plan live, or getting your promotion pitch fine tuned by Amber Spears who has closed over $300 Million in affiliate revenue.  All in real-time, work done on the call... not theories to figure out later.  

GIFT #1:  60+ Hours of Topic
Specific Training

($4,800 Value)

From beginner to advanced training... Jump in as needed to get deeper knowledge from our recorded training sessions. We cover things topics that NO ONE IS COVERING ...  negotiation and dealmaking, growing evergreen programs, making contests a success, cold outreach, types of deals you can make, proven strategies of successful launches, affiliate department systems and processes, standardization, tools to be more efficient, time management, and so much more.

GIFT #2: Affiliate Training Programs From 

The Top 1% ($4,997 value)

Get insider affiliate training and mentoring from the top 1% of all affiliate managers. With over $367 million in sales generated, millions of leads, hundreds of thousands of customers acquired by our clients, there is no one who can come close to our results. ​

COURSE #1  Affiliate Program Builder ($1,997 value)

If you're brand new to affiliate marketing ... this is for you!

Learn everything you need to know from policies to create, numbers to know, assets you need,  jargon to expect... to how to land your first affiliate partner.  Step-by-step to launching. 

COURSE #2  Hiring an affiliate manager ($997 value)

Have a great program... now want to replace yourself?  This is for you.

We've hired and trained 100's of the top affiliate managers. 

We give you everything you need -- Kolbe scores, job posts, culture warnings, scorecards and SOP's to set-up, compensation structures and more. 

COURSE #3 Affiliate toolbox ($497 value)

Templates, scripts, step-by-steps for efficiency, and an entire toolbox that our high performing agency used to day-to-day to be more productive and standardized! 

#4 PLUS  MORE...

BONUS: Live Mentoring And Coaching Q&A Sessions

($997 Value)

Quarterly mentorship from experts who can troubleshoot your problems and provide direction, real time. Calls include live hot seats, live pitch critiques, in-depth live interviews with top influencers and traffic drivers so you can expand your network AND get insider information and access you won't find in any other community. 


Affiliate Dealmaking LIVE EVENT TICKET ($3,900 value)

For anyone joining in MAY will get a FREE TICKET to our annual live event.  DEALMAKING LIVE SUMMIT is for anyone that could use warm affiliate traffic, and more connections. We bring together a massive affiliate network to make deals live in-person. Walk away with a massive amount of connections, and traffic confirmed! Limited space and always sells out!  

Community Membership Options

Pay Monthly

Live Monthly Deal Making Events (Exclusive)

Instant Access to Hundreds Of Quality Contacts

Full Access to Training Programs ($4,997 value)

60+ Hours of Topic Training ($997 value)

Monthly Q&A Calls ($997 value)

Live Event Ticket (after 12 months)




Pay Annually (Best Value) 

Live Monthly Deal Making Events (Exclusive)

Full Access to Training Programs ($4,997 value)

60+ Hours of Topic Training ($997 value)

Monthly Q&A Calls ($997 value)

Instant Dealmaking Live Ticket ($3,997 value)

Instant Access to Hundreds of Quality Contacts

2 Months Free



billed annually ($804 OFF)

Our Community Is Waiting For You To Join The Traffic Tribe

Thousands of business owners and affiliate managers across different industries have worked with East 5th Avenue to launch, grow, and promote their affiliate program. Learn how they have leveraged this relationship marketing community to increase their revenue, expand their network, and flip on the warm traffic switch for their products and services. 


Alona Rudnitsky

Alona started her first agency at twenty years old, and remained the president of that Inc 5000 traffic focused agency for a ten years.  She's been published as 35 entrepreneurs under 35, 40 entrepeuers under 40, Entrepenuer Magazine, Arizona Business Leadership Awards, and more.  Her superpower is in making any process more efficient, systematic and more importantly ... easily replicatable. Through the last 14 years, she has owned and operated 3 marketing agencies (SEO/paid media, Design, affiliate marketing), a restaurant, and a successful direct response to health product. Her passion is building a strong foundation that a team can run with full clarity and for everything to be in an SOP. She approaches building any process or system with the consideration of the bigger impact on the business and scalability.

Amber Spears

Amber Spears is known as the “Coaches' Coach” of in-house affiliate & relationship marketing managers due to her incredible, repeated history of success in the affiliate marketing world. A sought after speaker, trainer, and coach, Amber has spoken on and keynoted key industry stages like Traffic and Conversion, War Room and Affiliate Summit West. There is no one in the relationship marketing industry with more quality contacts, and deep, rich relationships with top influencers and major brands. Under her leadership, East 5th Avenue’s agency has shattered launch records (consistently breaking $7-figure and $8-figure product launches) and evergreen months for clients. Amber has also guided hundreds of in-house teams, agencies and individual managers through her proven, results driven affiliate marketing methods, with hundreds of millions of dollars in added relationship marketing revenue. 

Why East 5th Avenue is Different:

Amber and Alona joined their opposite and complementary skillsets to start East 5th Avenue in 2017.

East 5th Avenue is a high-end boutique affiliate management training academy and agency that has served many influencers, major brands, direct response email marketers, and e-commerce companies. Their training and coaching has covered virtually every sector, from health and wellness to financial to education and beyond. 

In the last three years alone, East 5th Avenue generated $67 million in agency affiliate revenue and over 8 million leads (acting as the sales team for clients) and $300 million in affiliate revenue for their coaching clients (coaching and training their clients' in-house teams).

East 5th Avenue has also created the Affiliate Accelerator™, a 16-week advanced affiliate manager certification program teaching the top skills, techniques, strategies, scripts, and templates to build, grow, or scale your in-house affiliate program.

Amber's sales and relationship superpowers, along with Alona’s systems of efficiency and focus, and skills managing a high level marketing team, have set a new high standard for the industry. With East 5th Avenue, Amber and Alona have helped to foster and lead the space with experienced hands on training, processes, scripts, documentation, agreements, focus on ROI, and clear ways to make partnership marketing a viable and lasting marketing channel for every business.  

Learn why the top companies trust East 5th Avenue for all of their relationship marketing needs, and why influencers, large companies, and major brands like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Izabella Wentz, The Truth About Cancer, Energy BluePrint, Agora Financial, Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil, Beekeeper's Naturals, Venus Factor, Nano Towels, Evolving Wisdom, The Tapping Solution, Mindable, TrueGenics, and many others are trained by and work with them. 

From the Community

“Thanks to East 5th Avenue, our own team of affiliate managers knows how to grow our internal projects and  further our outreach.”

Pedram Shojai, The Urban Monk

"East 5th Avenue sets the industry standard for affiliate management & development. From the perspective of an Established Brick and Mortar Business looking to add online sales components & Affiliate Management for online offers, East 5th Avenue Affiliate events are MUST!"

Eric Ward, 4Ward Defense

"East 5th Avenue live events are the easiest way to meet & make deals with the movers & shakers in our industry. I conducted more business in 4 hrs than I could hope to close in 2 months. Simply Brilliant! The friendships made, knowledge shared, will continue to grow our affiliate program 10x. If you are looking to grow your product, presence &  profit, I highly recommend attending an East 5th Avenue program!"

Steven Hollingshead, Ulta Lab Tests

"As an affiliate manager who works remotely, I live for events put on by East 5th Avenue. For me, it is a homecoming of people I love and love to work with. Everyone is looking to help one another, it is never a competition. I made 20 deals. East 5th Avenue is always looking to help. Because of our relationship with East 5th Avenue over the past 3 years we have 100 new affiliate partners. You will learn more than you could ever from a book or conference."

Amy Reichart, My Green Fills

"Amber Spears is one of the foremost experts on affiliate marketing in the world. East 5th Avenue has helped large companies connect with affiliates and grow their sales. She’s worked with almost every big offer or company you can think of, and she also works with some large enterprise level clients like Agora Financial and Clickbank. Plus, she was the keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit West this last year!"

Stefan Georgi, Red Ox and Copy Accelerator Mastermind

"As someone who has recently entered the world of affiliate marketing, there was so much to learn. I needed to know the best way to approach potential affiliate partners, how to structure deals, and execute successfully. East 5th Avenue's Build A Successful Affiliate Program more than answered all of my questions. It has provided the framework for my affiliate program...I would absolutely recommend this program for anyone trying to learn best practices for affiliate marketing."

James Klein, Harmonium Health

"I am happy to inform you that (so far) it is exactly what we need to learn how to build our affiliate program from the ground up."

Alexandra Oliver / Nicoya Hecht, Rising Spring

"Thank you for putting together this amazing team and network of great people. I feel so confident introducing someone like Andy to you all and would never hesitate to do so. Pretty confident come the end of the year if anyone were to ask what was the best thing you did businesswise all year I can easily say going to the East 5th Avenue events and what I learned there/relationships started there and it has been snowballing since in a really good way."

Tony Kasandrinos, Kasadrinos Olive Oil


4.9 star NPS score from 327 people


"If you don't feel this is worth 10x the price you paid, I'll refund your money with no questions asked. Your ROI from The Traffic Tribe is the ONLY thing that matters to us, and I am confident you will see a huge return on your investment, and a huge sense of relief that we found each other."

-Amber Spears

Co-Founder of East 5th Avenue