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Meet New Affiliate Partners Every Month

Join the affiliate marketing mastermind and meet 300+ affiliate managers and offer owners who are eager to meet you and set up deals. Meet new affiliates every single month, learn industry best practices, all while having fun networking.

Train Your Team To Be Top Industry Performers

We offer a virtual mastermind for all levels to connect and improve with over 200 affiliate managers, and an advanced certification program that will train your affiliate manager to be in the top 1% of revenue drives.

Take The Burden Of Recruiting And Hiring Off Your Plate

Avoid the time, cost and headaches of finding an affiliate manager has the potential to be a superstar. We apply our systematic approach that we have applied to hiring and training over 500 affiliate managers.

Scale Your Offer With Our Network

Health and wellness offer owners solution to increasing their number of daily sales through our extensive database of top-quality traffic providers in the industry.

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Four Ways We Help

Hire An Affiliate Manager
Train An Affiliate Manager
Build an Affiliate Program
Scale an Existing Affiliate program

Hire An Affiliate Manager

Avoid the time, cost and headache of finding a superstar affiliate manager that will grow your affiliate revenue consistently month after month. We have a proven system of not only avoiding hiring mistakes, but finding A level talent. East 5th Avenue has placed and trained over 500 affiliate managers, which gives us the experience to both recruit and qualify both entry level and experienced affiliate managers.

If you’re an employer: You will receive pre-qualified candidates directly to your email inbox whether you are looking for entry level or experienced affiliate managers.
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If you’re a job seeker: We will help you find the perfect job at the perfect company.
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Training Your Affiliate Manager

We provide a comprehensive training program to turn new and experienced affiliate managers into top performers. We cover 4 pillars:

Clarity: Define what the affiliate manager and offer owner needs to do daily, weekly and monthly to hit their revenue targets and quotas.

Confidence: Empower your affiliate manager to close big deals and negotiate with top affiliates, and dramatically improve their skills as high ticket salespeople.

Community: Learn how to leverage the existing partners you work with, and how to grow your network with the right partners who can quantum leap your business forward. We will teach your team how to speak to your affiliate partners in a language that motivates them to continue working together year after year.

Systems: We teach the systems on how to scale predictably, with transparency in numbers and actions in your affiliate channel. Never worry again about losing a key player, because you have the proven
system that will stand the test of time.

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Affiliate Marketing Mastermind

Join the affiliate marketing mastermind and meet 300+ affiliate managers and offer owners who are eager to meet you and set up deals. Meet new affiliates every single month, learn industry best practices, all while having fun networking.

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Health And Wellness CPA Platform

Our private platform is exclusively built for high converting health and wellness brands to get more quality traffic from reputable affiliate partners and traffic drivers. All of our offers and traffic sources are heavily vetted, and come from East 5th Avenue’s vast network of over 9,000 affiliate partners that we have personally worked with. Our focus is two fold: to deliver massive commissions to our affiliates, and to increase the number of daily sales to our partners.

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Success Stories

Success Stories

Tyler Bramlett

Co-Founder & CEO Of Warrior Made Owner of Warrior Management Business Consultant Through Warrior Mentors

For years I was managing my own affiliate program and while it was successful, it sucked up a ton of my time, focus and energy. Which… Prevented me from focusing on unlocking other traffic sources, building new products and creating a better customer experience to maximize customer lifetime value. So… I decided to onboard an affiliate manager to take this responsibility over. However… i’m a horrible manager and not really a systems person, which meant that I knew it would be difficult for me to train someone for this role. Which is why… I reached out to Amber to see if she could do it for me 🙂 . And… Together we selected a candidate with a personality that was perfect for this role! Her team then hand trained our candidate on everything she needed to know to become an effective affiliate manager. And the result was… Many MANY millions of dollars earned!!! But the best part was… I had to spend very little time or energy training our new affiliate manager. Amber‘s team did the majority of the work for me! This is huge!!! Because we all know… As a business owner, time is your most precious asset! So… If you’re thinking about having Amber‘s team train someone on your team down this role, or… If you’ve already explored this and thought it was too expensive, then… You clearly don’t value your time and don’t understand how powerful it can be to invest in your business. If trading a penny or two for a dollar doesn’t sound nice to you then keep doing what you’re doing. However…

JJ Virgin

Founder of Mindshare

East 5th Avenue team are who I personally turn to for partnership marketing help, and who I have sent our clients in Mindshare to work with for the last 5 years. She has not only trained my team at the JJ Virgin brand, she has trained our high end mastermind members, and has helped scale many other Mindshare member’s affiliate programs with the East 5th Avenue agency. Their results speak for themselves, so much so that our entire community voted them as the recipient of the Impact Award in 2019 for the huge impact East 5th has had in the health and wellness community as a whole. Hire Amber and her team if you want to scale in an ethical, brand conscious way…I highly recommend her.

Justin Jaffe

Head of partnerships & affiliate manager at Performance Golf Business Consultant Through Warrior Mentors

My name is Justin Jaffe, head of partnerships & affiliate manager at Performance Golf. We create online training programs that help golfers get better faster and are considered the #1 digital online learning platform in golf.

Coming into this role as an experienced sales professional with little to no experience in affiliate marketing was a bit overwhelming to say the least. Especially with how rapidly my company was and is still growing. With that said, my employer decided to put me through affiliate accelerator and the rest is history. First, the programs/modules are easy to follow/navigate through and covers everything and anything ANY affiliate manager would want or need to be successful.

Right from the start, I knew I was in good hands. From downloadable docs, affiliate terminology, templates, spreadsheets, conversions/breakdowns, daily/weekly assignments, individual and group training, etc. Amber, Maria, Marina, Sam, Tyler and the entire E5A team/affiliate accelerator are truly second to none. They know how to read through the bs and get the most out of you as long as you’re committed to the process. Accountability is key – remember that.

At this point, I have finished the program and am ecstatic with  where our affiliate program currently stands. Since being brought on back in March of this year, there are (3) major/important things the affiliate accelerator has helped me accomplish.

Let’s talk numbers, since March – revenue increases each month. Was tasked with the goal of hitting the 150K monthly revenue mark within 6-12 months. Back in March, affiliate revenue was $56,153. Last month/August – $152,807 in revenue (172% increase). So far in September, already at $104,961 in revenue
and on track to crush August.

Organization: between constant deadlines, non-stop emailing, phone conversations, lead research and prospecting, training, and hitting other general goals would have been impossible to maintain without E5A providing the tools and training like they did.  Organization is key for any role for that matter; especially as an affiliate manager.

The confidence and knowledge to evaluate/make the right decision on affiliate partners and potential partnerships, reciprocated or not. Essentially the ability to review, calculate and project whether or not something will hit the ROAS mark or not. Which is key as an affiliate manager. For example, being able to communicate conversions, list size, demographics, stats, etc. and evaluate/calculate those efficiently are crucial aspects in making smart affiliate decisions.

From beginning to finish, I have experienced consistent support  and would recommend to anyone that wants to be the best affiliate manager they can be. For any individual or employer that is one the fence, I say get off quickly and join the movement, you won’t regret it. Keep up the strong work E5A!

Justin Jaffe

Mike Westerdal

President, Critical Bench, Inc.

Thank you East5thAvenue for helping me hire the ideal affiliate manager. You made it easy by pre-screening everyone, running the personality tests and sending me qualified candidates to interview. I had my doubts, but the process was easy and efficient.  It saved me so much time.

The affiliate manager I hired even went through your training program and they are crushing it in the industry now.

All our affiliate products are selling above their previous baselines and we are hitting PRs every month.

The affiliate manager you helped us hire and train is a great fit for our company culture and a vital part of the marketing team. Thank you for the help!  I highly recommend East5thAvenue if you’re looking to hire an affiliate manager. The cost is totally worth it.

Successful Partnership Marketing Programs


In Affiliate Revenue
For Our Clients

Rockstar Affiliate Managers

Affiliate Managers


Affiliate Commissions
Paid Through Our Programs

Our focus has been growing affiliate marketing channels for over 10 years

We want to see your channel reach its potential

20x Growth In 12 Months

In less than a year, their new affiliate manager has scaled 20x, from $100,000 per month to $2,000,000 per month

Grows Revenue By $10 MILLION

Affiliate manager with ZERO experience grows revenue by $10 MILLION

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15% Increase In 12 Month

Already successful channel saw a 15% increase in their affilare revenues.

100 New Affiliate Partners

With our relationship with East 5th Avenue over the past 3 years we have 100 new affiliate partners


In less than a year with the East 5th Avenue, our affiliate revenue has scaled 20x, skyrocketing from $100,000 per month to $2,000,000 per month. Thank you, East 5th Avenue.

Alvin Huang


Affiliate Marketing Mastermind is a great opportunity to work with leaders in the affiliate marketing world. Signed multiple deals that would have normally taken months of meetings, calls, cold reach outs, and back and forth negotiations emails! Best return on investment ever!

Christine Faler

Paleo Valley

Thanks to East 5th Avenue, we have our own team of affiliate managers working on our internal projects and helping us further outreach.

Pedram Shojai

The Urban Monk

With East 5th Avenue our affiliate community grew 1200% from 100 affiliate partners to 1,300 and the documentary series had over 3 million views.

Michael and Izabella Wentz

The Thyroid Secret

Our affiliate revenue has increased by 15% over last year. We would highly recommend any affiliate manager, experienced or new, to go through the East 5th Avenue training program.

Annmarie Gianni

Annmarie SkinCare

I conducted more business in 4 hrs than I could hope to close in 2 months. Simply Brilliant! The friendships made, knowledge shared, will continue to grow our affiliate program 10x. If you are looking to grow your product, presence & profit, I highly recommend attending Affiliate Marketing Mastermind.

Steven Hollingshead

Ulta Lab Tests

I made 20 deals. East 5th Avenue is always looking to help. Because of our relationship with East 5th Avenue over the past 3 years we have 100 new affiliate partners. You will learn more than you could ever from a book or conference.

Amy Reichart

My Green Fills

As someone who has recently entered the world of affiliate marketing, there was so much to learn. East 5th Avenue's Build A Successful Affiliate Program more than answered all of my questions. It has provided the framework for my affiliate channel... I would absolutely recommend this program for anyone trying to learn best practices for affiliate marketing

James Klein

Harmonium Health

I am happy to inform you that it was exactly what we needed to learn how to build our affiliate program from the ground up.

Alexandra Oliver

Nicoya Hecht, Rising Spring

If anyone were to ask what was the best thing you did businesswise all year I can easily say going to East 5th Avenue programs.

Tony Kasandrinos

Kasadrinos Olive Oil

East 5th Avenue is one of the foremost experts on affiliate marketing in the world. They have helped large companies connect with affiliates to grow their sales and worked with almost every big offer or company you can think of, including large enterprise level clients like Agora Financial and Clickbank.

Stefan Georgi

I have tripled my Income and knowledge in one year with their programs. They are a must for any successful affiliate program.

Christi Simoneaux

Christi Simoneaux

Meet Our Happy Clients

We love nothing more than seeing our clients win and watch their marketing channels continue to grow.

Ashton Marshall
$0 to 7-Figures in affiliate revenue under 12 months.
Isa Herrera
Pelvic Pain Relief. Walked away with 6-figure in business from one meeting.
Christina McKay
$3.7M Affiliate Revenue Growth in 1 year thanks to Traffic Tribe
Glenn Ledwell
Mind Movies and Flight Club Co-Founder
Daniel Millar
Beekeepers Naturals Co-Founder

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