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We have worked on launches which have generated $34 million in sales, while adding well over 6 million names to our client’s email lists.

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Docuseries Launch Generated $2.2 Million in Sales


For years I was managing my own affiliate program and while it was successful, it sucked up a ton of my time, focus and energy. Which… Prevented me from focusing on unlocking other traffic sources, building new products and creating a better customer experience to maximize customer lifetime value. So… I decided to onboard an affiliate manager to take this responsibility over. However… i’m a horrible manager and not really a systems person, which meant that I knew it would be difficult for me to train someone for this role. Which is why… I reached out to Amber to see if she could do it for me :-) . And… Together we selected a candidate with a personality that was perfect for this role! Her team then hand trained our candidate on everything she needed to know to become an effective affiliate manager. And the result was… Many MANY millions of dollars earned!!! But the best part was… I had to spend very little time or energy training our new affiliate manager. Amber‘s team did the majority of the work for me! This is huge!!! Because we all know… As a business owner, time is your most precious asset! So… If you’re thinking about having Amber‘s team train someone on your team down this role, or… If you’ve already explored this and thought it was too expensive, then… You clearly don’t value your time and don’t understand how powerful it can be to invest in your business. If trading a penny or two for a dollar doesn’t sound nice to you then keep doing what you’re doing. However…

Tyler Bramlett

Co-Founder & CEO Of Warrior Made
Owner of Warrior Management
Business Consultant Through Warrior Mentors

Helped 150+ Companies Build a Profitable Partnership Marketing Program

We focus on what matters the most to us — the success for your business — while growing your affiliate department.

JJ Virgin

Founder of Mindshare

East 5th Avenue team are who I personally turn to for partnership marketing help, and who I have sent our clients in Mindshare to work with for the last 5 years. She has not only trained my team at the JJ Virgin brand, she has trained our high end mastermind members, and has helped scale many other Mindshare member's affiliate programs with the East 5th Avenue agency. Their results speak for themselves, so much so that our entire community voted them as the recipient of the Impact Award in 2019 for the huge impact East 5th has had in the health and wellness community as a whole. Hire Amber and her team if you want to scale in an ethical, brand conscious way…I highly recommend her.”

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There are hundreds of moving pieces — from getting affiliates to negotation,
project management, and nurturing the relationships. Let us help your company become the 1%.

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Fastest Results. Our private 2-day intensives area ideal for companies doing 7-8 figures that are ready to grow their affiliate program significantly. Auditing for revenue leaks, finding new partners, and building the foundation of a scaleable program.

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Best Value. Tap into our network and be part of a community of qualified companies where you’ll have access to a pool of new affiliate partners. 6, 7, and 8-figure companies in health, beauty, personal development, and CBD. Starting at $997

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Industry leaders in affiliate marketing East 5th Avenue is committed to providing you a superior level of customer service. Our staff recognizes that many businesses have affiliate marketing departments that suffer from a lack of knowledge, accountability and communication.

We are on a mission to create affiliate marketing a viable and predictable marketing channel for every company.

As one of the leading Affiliate Management companies in the world, we’ll take on every aspect of educating, learning to manage and growing your affiliate program, ensuring your team remains motivated and productive every step of the way.

Our vast network of affiliates exceeds 3,000 names and grows every single day. We connect you with the right names, the right brands, and the right lists which are certain to make you money and extend your reach.

Alona and Amber
Co-Founders, Amber Spears and Alona Rudnitsky