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Affiliate Manager With ZERO Experience Grows Revenue By $10 MILLION

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Company Background

Science Natural Supplements has grown from a one-product company to be one of the industry’s top supplement brands under Cody Bramlett’s leadership.

Cody’s quest to cure his father’s chronic pain led him to create Turmeric with BioPerine, Science Natural Supplements’ first product. After that, Cody went on to develop an entire line of supplements, discovering natural ways to boost memory, improve mental focus, and increase natural energy.

The Science Natural Supplements brand now offers products that help users better their lives by reducing inflammation, boosting immune support, promoting better skin care, easing weight loss, and achieving overall wellness.

Cody didn’t stop, though, with creating amazing products. To grow Science Natural Supplements, he expanded its partnership and affiliate marketing reach.

Digging deeper

In 2018, working solo with a successful product on the market, Cody decided to start growing an affiliate team. He hired Savannah Cloe as Science Natural Supplements’ first affiliate manager and she took on the responsibility of growing the affiliate channel.

The Challenge

Even though she had no prior affiliate marketing experience, Cody felt Savannah was the right person for the job. But he knew that hiring the right person was only the first key to the channel’s ultimate success. To reach her potential, Savannah needed the right training, systems, and support while she learned her new industry.

To help Savannah excel as quickly as possible, Cody hired East 5th Avenue.

The Outcome

Several top affiliate managers Cody knew had trained with Affiliate Accelerator, so he enrolled Savannah in it. He believed the programs would teach Savannah everything she needed for success, from the fundamentals to the advanced nuances of affiliate marketing and the responsibilities of an affiliate manager.

A quick learner, Savannah excelled in the Affiliate Accelerator and soon became one of the top students.

She applied what she was learning in real-time and was breaking company sales records even before the program was over!

Over the next three years, Savannah continued setting records. Based on what she learned in the Affiliate Accelerator, she took Science Natural Supplements’ affiliate program from $3 million to an impressive $13 million per year.

What Core Things Did Savannah Implement To Make Such A Big Difference?

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Cody promoted her to Vice President of Sales in 2021 to help grow Science Natural Supplements’ brand. He then hired Kristin Shenk as the new affiliate manager.

Like Savannah, Kristin had a background in digital marketing and affiliate marketing was new to her. It was a no-brainer for Cody and Savannah to train Kristin effectively by enrolling her in the Affiliate Accelerator.

After successfully completing the Affiliate Accelerator, Kristin dove into her affiliate manager role in the perfect place – East 5th Avenue’s “Traffic Tribe,” an Affiliate Mastermind.

Traffic Tribe Mastermind bi-weekly calls are the continued education all affiliate managers need. Every call is packed with value and brilliant business advice!

My personal favorite is the “Ask Anything” series. It’s an opportunity for each member to talk with a seasoned affiliate marketer and work through any issues that come up. During my time as a new affiliate, these calls made me feel heard and I received the guidance I needed.

Tribe calls allow us to share our realities with work or our personal lives in a safe, caring, and uplifting environment.

Kristin Shenk

Affiliate Manager

Science Natural Supplements


The Affiliate Accelerator gave Savannah and Kristin the knowledge, skills and support they needed to help grow Science Natural Supplements’ affiliate revenue. This let Cody focus on his CEO role.

East 5th Avenue Training programs are the most effective places to learn and hone your affiliate marketing skills.

The Affiliate Accelerator’s lessons and coaching calls taught by industry leaders provide a “breakdown of affiliate management, allowing you to understand the material you’re learning; and explore common challenges, respected practices, and the critical numbers you should watch. Understanding those important numbers allows you to set appropriate goals for yourself to help your company succeed.”

With its networking community, the Traffic Tribe complements the Affiliate Accelerator. The network’s affiliate managers and brand owners were once new to the space themselves, so they’re always willing to lend a hand or give advice while keeping the focus on the common goal – growing the business.

With the Traffic Tribe I was able to calm my anxiety of stepping into a sales role. It created a safe place for me to connect with partners while learning the ropes. Tribe is a place we can escape to whenever we need that home away from home or a gentle reminder of why we work in the best industry!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice to the affiliate industry or a seasoned vet. East 5th Avenue has the right product to help you grow and develop your affiliate program.

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