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What is included in
"Build an Affiliate Program Course?"

STEP 0: What is Affiliate Marketing?

This Module introduces you to the basics of affiliate marketing so you have a strong foundation to start building your program with.

STEP 1: Key Elements of an Affiliate Program

Time to start building your affiliate program. Step 1, knowing the key elements you need to have in place.

STEP 2: Build and Test Your Funnel

Now that you've got your offer it's time build and test your funnel. Step 2 walks you through what a funnel is, how best to set it up, how to test it and, most importantly, how to know your numbers.

STEP 3: Choose a Compensation Structure

Now it's time to start working with affiliates. Step 3 will help you understand how to pay them and the different options available.

STEP 4: Important Affiliate Program Policies

Once you've got your offer and funnel set up and are starting to work with affiliates, it's very important to have your internal and external policies set up and written down. Step 4 walks you through the most important ones your offer card, internal jv policy, external jv policy and cookie policy.

STEP 5: First Profitable partner Promotion

Everything is in place and it's time to drive traffic to your offer. Step 5 will help drive that initial traffic and you pick an affiliate tracking portal so you can track the traffic you've booked.

What our clients say about us

In less than a year with the East 5th Avenue, our affiliate revenue has scaled 20x, skyrocketing from $100,000 per month to $2,000,000 per month. Thank you, East 5th Avenue.

Alvin Huang


Affiliate Marketing Mastermind is a great opportunity to work with leaders in the affiliate marketing world. Signed multiple deals that would have normally taken months of meetings, calls, cold reach outs, and back and forth negotiations emails! Best return on investment ever!

Christine Faler

Paleo Valley

Thanks to East 5th Avenue, we have our own team of affiliate managers working on our internal projects and helping us further outreach.

Pedram Shojai

The Urban Monk

With East 5th Avenue our affiliate community grew 1200% from 100 affiliate partners to 1,300 and the documentary series had over 3 million views.

Michael and Izabella Wentz

The Thyroid Secret

Our affiliate revenue has increased by 15% over last year. We would highly recommend any affiliate manager, experienced or new, to go through the East 5th Avenue training program.

Annmarie Gianni

Annmarie SkinCare

I conducted more business in 4 hrs than I could hope to close in 2 months. Simply Brilliant! The friendships made, knowledge shared, will continue to grow our affiliate program 10x. If you are looking to grow your product, presence & profit, I highly recommend attending Affiliate Marketing Mastermind.

Steven Hollingshead

Ulta Lab Tests

I made 20 deals. East 5th Avenue is always looking to help. Because of our relationship with East 5th Avenue over the past 3 years we have 100 new affiliate partners. You will learn more than you could ever from a book or conference.

Amy Reichart

My Green Fills

As someone who has recently entered the world of affiliate marketing, there was so much to learn. East 5th Avenue's Build A Successful Affiliate Program more than answered all of my questions. It has provided the framework for my affiliate channel... I would absolutely recommend this program for anyone trying to learn best practices for affiliate marketing

James Klein

Harmonium Health

I am happy to inform you that it was exactly what we needed to learn how to build our affiliate program from the ground up.

Alexandra Oliver

Nicoya Hecht, Rising Spring

If anyone were to ask what was the best thing you did businesswise all year I can easily say going to East 5th Avenue programs.

Tony Kasandrinos

Kasadrinos Olive Oil

East 5th Avenue is one of the foremost experts on affiliate marketing in the world. They have helped large companies connect with affiliates to grow their sales and worked with almost every big offer or company you can think of, including large enterprise level clients like Agora Financial and Clickbank.

Stefan Georgi

I have tripled my Income and knowledge in one year with their programs. They are a must for any successful affiliate program.

Christi Simoneaux

Christi Simoneaux

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