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We recruit and hire for entry-level and experienced positions in a variety of industries. Currently have 14 companies looking for an affiliate manager!

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Inhouse. Fulltime. Contract. Partnership Marketing. Affiliate Manager. Influencer Marketing. We have different job titles, but we love connecting great talent for perfectly matched jobs.

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Our team has placed and trained 350+ affiliate managers over the last 7 years, and we're excited to help you land your dream job.

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Want help finding your dream job? We'll help place you with a company that matches your skills, career goals, and culture fit. A place you can keep growing.

Is This The Right Fit For You?

  • You are excited to work in a sales-marketing hybrid position as an affiliate manager.

  • You are a self-starter and can work independently.

  • You are friendly, outgoing, engage easily in conversations, a great listener and have the interpersonal skills that lend to cultivating deep connections.

  • You’re results driven and motivated with a non-negotiable commitment to exceeding goals and objectives.

  • You have experience prioritizing multiple projects in a fast-paced, quickly changing environment, and delivering them on-time while meeting performance goals.

  • You are organized and detail oriented.

  • You’re both confident and humble. You are able to engage and interact with executives, founders, industry leaders and top influencers with confidence and assertiveness while maintaining a humble spirit and a focus on service.

  • You are willing to travel to company events a few times per year to learn about, and engage with, company programs, philosophies, and our affiliate partners.

  • You want to contribute to the growth of the company by bringing new affiliates through social media and email.

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Common Perks And Benefits Include:

  • Work from home with little supervision

  • Travel to conferences around the country

  • Work in a very social industry with some of the most amazing and dedicated humans around

  • High incentives for high performance

  • Holidays off

  • Vacations time

  • Health care benefits

  • Typical pay ranges from $65,000 - $120,000 based on experience

  • Significant room for financial growth and career advancement

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This Is NOT A Good
Role For You If:

  • You need lots of support or steady feedback & management

  • You do not have a history of being self-reliant and responsible to hit your goals

  • It is hard for you to adapt to change or be flexible

  • It is hard for you to adapt to technology

  • You do not like connecting with other people

  • You do not have the ability or desire to travel

  • You don’t enjoy phone calls and video calls connecting with other affiliate managers, influencers, and marketing directors daily

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m brand new to the Affiliate Marketing Industry - will there be training?

Yes! East 5th Avenue offers our comprehensive training program to all companies that hire through the agency. When you join the company, you will participate in a 16-week virtual affiliate manager training program with coaching calls, and you will also have access to the East 5th Avenues robust affiliate community for a whole year. You will receive the knowledge, practice, and relationships you need to succeed in your new role. Warning! This is built for self-starters who are ready to learn and do the work! There is not a lot of hand holding, you will be responsible for learning and utilizing resources to learn and solve problems. If this does not work for you, please do not move forward.

I’m experienced, do you have positions for me and is there any benefit to working with East 5th Avenue?

Yes! About 50% of the companies are seeking an experienced affiliate manager, all levels of experience are welcomed and financial compensation is structured accordingly. Working with East 5th Avenue to find your next career path has many benefits. We bring positions to you that are vetted and set-up for success. A pre-qualified affiliate manager is highly likely to get an interview with a c-suite or a company owner, reducing time and friction in landing an amazing new job. AND we give you the most up to date training and connections to succeed in your new position.

What companies are you recruiting for?

There are many companies that contact us for help finding and pre-qualifying a great affiliate manager, but we only recruit for those companies that are serious about affiliate marketing. Companies that partner with us are seeking a dedicated full-time employee, are willing to compensate competitively, understand the value of affiliate managers, and are willing to invest in new hires for success.

So, to clarify, I will NOT be working for East 5th Avenue?

No, we're an Affiliate Marketing community and training company. Our expertise comes from helping companies who are serious about affiliate marketing find, hire and train 300+ rockstar affiliate managers over the last 7 years. We pre-qualify our candidates by leveraging this experience for a variety of direct response and ecommerce companies.

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