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Affiliate Networks: Clickbank and Goldenberri

In today’s digital environment, business owners continuously seek creative ways to increase their reach and sales. As a marketing tactic, affiliate marketing is gaining popularity. Businesses are setting up affiliate programs for their companies every day.  


Often, they need help, such as where to host their affiliate programs.  Luckily, there’s a solution – affiliate networks –  and over 40% of businesses use affiliate networks as their topmost customer acquisition channel. Understanding how the networks work is critical to the success of an affiliate program.


Affiliate networks are essential in facilitating strategic marketing initiatives. This article will examine two well-known affiliate networks—Clickbank and Goldenberri— and how they might help your business.


But first…


Affiliate Networks: The Missing Puzzle Piece to Email Affiliate Strategies


While email affiliates can be invaluable for driving targeted, high-quality traffic, relying solely on them could mean you’re leaving money on the table. Think of it as having a well-balanced meal; you wouldn’t just eat vegetables when you could add some protein and grains to get a rounded diet. Similarly, supplementing your email affiliate efforts with affiliate networks can offer you a more ‘nutritious’ marketing mix.

Affiliate networks are essential in facilitating strategic marketing initiatives. This article will examine two well-known affiliate networks—Clickbank and Goldenberri— and how they might help your business.


But first…


Why Affiliate Networks?


  • Diversified Traffic Sources: Unlike email affiliates that primarily focus on email marketing, affiliate networks provide access to a range of publishers using varied strategies like PPC, SEO, and social media, expanding your reach.
  • Reduced Risk: Putting all your eggs in the email affiliate basket exposes you to changes in email algorithms or potential deliverability issues. Affiliate networks mitigate this by spreading the risk across multiple channels.
  • Increased Data Points: With a broader range of affiliates, you gain access to more data. This can be a goldmine for understanding customer behavior, tweaking your offers, and ultimately, optimizing ROI for not just you, but your affiliates as well.
  • Ease of Management: Affiliate networks often come with built-in tools for tracking stats like EPC (Earnings Per Click), CR (Conversion Rate), and even sophisticated metrics like Customer Lifetime Value. This makes it easier for you to ‘Know Your Numbers,’ aligning perfectly with our earlier discussion on the importance of metrics.


What Are Affiliate Networks?


Understanding the role of affiliate networks in the digital marketing ecosystem. Just like a marketplace connects buyers and sellers, affiliate networks serve as the central hub connecting companies and affiliates.


Neil Patel, a well-known figure in digital marketing, puts it succinctly: An affiliate network connects publishers, like blog owners or influencers, with companies looking to promote their products or services. In simple terms, affiliate networks bridge the gap between merchants (business owners) and affiliates (marketers).


The Marketplace Analogy


Just like a marketplace has booths where vendors can display their goods, affiliate networks offer a platform where businesses can advertise their affiliate programs. Similarly, affiliates—think of them as the savvy shoppers—can browse through these ‘booths’ to find the most lucrative deals to promote. So, essentially, affiliate networks serve as a marketplace that brings vendors and advertisers together under one digital roof.


Affiliate Networks


Case in Point: Clickbank & Goldenberri


Clickbank: Imagine it as the ‘Walmart’ of affiliate networks. Established and sprawling, Clickbank is one of the oldest affiliate networks in the U.S., boasting over 150,000 affiliates. It’s a generalist, offering everything from digital products to physical goods.


Goldenberri: Think of this as the ‘Whole Foods’ of affiliate networks. It’s specialized, offering unique features that can be customized to meet the needs of both Affiliate Managers (A.M.s) and business owners.


These platforms demonstrate the range and diversity affiliate networks can offer, enhancing your strategies whether you’re an affiliate manager, a business owner, or both. By understanding and leveraging these networks, you are not only diversifying your affiliate marketing efforts but also setting the stage for scalable growth.


Why should your offer be on an affiliate network?


You can connect with hundreds or even thousands of affiliates ready to promote your merchandise via affiliate networks. They are among the easiest ways to generate passive revenue for your business.


Also, you should use an affiliate network if your brand experiences any of the following:


  • Insufficient outbound sales support
  • Inadequate advertising budget
  • Interested in connecting with new people
  • Slow or missing affiliate payouts


Here are some benefits of affiliate networks, especially Goldenberri, and Clickbank.


  • Access to quality partners ready to promote your business via mailings or other strategies
  • Your goods or services will reach your desired target market
  • Low advertising costs
  • Increased Return on Investment
  • You can pay partners via the network without additional fees and always on time
  • Having access to reporting and analytics tools so you can monitor your progress

How do the affiliate networks work?


If affiliate networks are the marketplace, then their operations could be likened to a well-oiled machine, ensuring that every transaction between vendors and shoppers runs smoothly. Here’s how it works in a nutshell:


The Onboarding Process


First, as a business owner or an affiliate manager, you’ll add your offer to a network like Clickbank or Goldenberri. Think of this as setting up your ‘booth’ in the marketplace. Affiliates then come along and ‘shop’ for products or offers to promote. When they pick your offer, they register to advertise your product.


The Tracking Mechanism


Just as every item in a store has a barcode, each affiliate is given a unique tracking link. This digital ‘barcode’ enables the network to identify which sales were generated by which affiliate. It’s like having a digital receipt that itemizes exactly which ‘shopper’ bought what, and who should get the credit for making the sale happen.


The Sales Channels


Affiliates are the street-smart salespeople of this digital marketplace. They use various marketing channels such as websites, social media, and email campaigns—consider these the bustling streets and alleys where they ply their trade. Their aim is to drive traffic and guide potential customers to your offer, persuading them to make a purchase.


The Accounting and Payouts


Once a sale occurs, the network keeps track, almost like a vigilant cashier ringing up each item at the checkout counter. After calculating the affiliate’s commission based on the agreed terms (think of it as their sales commission), the network ensures that payments are made promptly. This is akin to how a marketplace would settle accounts at the end of a busy shopping day, making sure everyone gets their fair share.


So, in essence, affiliate networks provide a structured, reliable, and transparent platform for performance-based marketing. Whether you’re an affiliate manager focusing on EPC (Earnings Per Click) or a business owner keeping an eye on CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), understanding how affiliate networks operate will empower you to get the most out of this dynamic digital marketplace.


Affiliate Networks


How do I get affiliates through networks like Clickbank and Goldenberri?


Recruiting affiliates from networks like Clickbank or Goldenberri is a bit like fishing in a well-stocked pond—you’ve got a lot of potential bites, but you’ll need the right bait and tactics. Here are four key strategies to help you cast a wide but effective net:

Enticing Commissions and Incentives


Money talks. Offer competitive commission rates and aggressive incentives to make your ‘bait’ irresistible. Think of it as the shiny lure that attracts the bigger, more experienced fish.

Craft an Appealing Sales Page


A well-crafted sales page is like the enticing smell that draws people into a bakery. Use persuasive writing and eye-catching graphics to give potential affiliates an offer they can’t refuse.

Leverage Network Resources


Affiliate networks often come with a toolbox of resources like training manuals and promotional tools. Make these readily available to your affiliates. It’s like giving a fisherman the perfect rod and reel to make the catch easier.


Active Interaction and Support


Be ready to ‘reel in’ your affiliates with active engagement. Answer their questions, provide support, and maintain open lines of communication. This fosters trust and long-term partnerships, much like how a fishing guide builds rapport with anglers.


How Do You Vet Affiliates on Affiliate Networks?


Once the ‘fish’ have nibbled at your bait, it’s crucial to determine which ones you want to ‘keep’ and which ones to ‘throw back.’ Vetting affiliates is a critical step in building a quality affiliate program.

Here are some things to consider:


Evaluate Experience and Tactics


Examine affiliate applications like you would a resume. Scrutinize their marketing tactics, web presence, and experience. You want affiliates who are akin to seasoned fishers, not those who are likely to tip over the boat.


Niche and Audience Alignment


Look for affiliates who already have a sizable fan base that aligns with your target market. It’s like choosing a fishing guide who knows the specific lake where you want to fish; they’ll know where the ‘hot spots’ are.


Interviews or Portfolio Requests


Don’t hesitate to request an interview or examples of their previous promotional campaigns. This is equivalent to asking to see photos of the fish they’ve caught before; it gives you an idea of what they’re capable of achieving.


By carefully selecting and actively managing your affiliates, you ensure a more effective and trustworthy partnership, helping both you and your affiliates to ‘reel in’ success.


It’s easier to choose affiliates who are genuinely interested in your product (and have the necessary skills to advertise it successfully) when you utilize this vetting strategy.


Businesses can use affiliate networks like Clickbank and Goldenberri to strategically partner with affiliates to broaden their reach and boost sales. 


Being aware of how these networks operate, assessing the viability of your offer, and screening potential affiliates, can help you take advantage of the benefits of affiliate marketing and make more money than you ever imagined. Leverage the opportunities these networks offer, and your company will prosper no matter what industry you are in..


The Takeaway


Utilizing affiliate networks like Clickbank and Goldenberri alongside your email affiliates offers a multi-layered, more robust approach to your affiliate marketing strategy. It’s akin to building a diversified investment portfolio—balancing out the highs and lows to provide you with a more consistent, and potentially higher, return on your marketing investment.


charting your progress after the program is over to keep within this good habit. It is integral to keep on track of your development within the industry and help pinpoint where you need to improve and where you are succeeding.


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