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How to Select the Right Affiliate Tracking Portal for Your Affiliate Program

Through affiliate marketing, businesses can grow sales, improve traffic, and broaden their customer base. Nevertheless, running an affiliate program can be difficult, particularly when monitoring affiliate activity and determining commissions. An Affiliate Tracking Portal is essential when you have more than a handful of affiliate partners, and manual tracking is becoming a burden.   Everything

Communicating With Affiliate
Affiliate Marketing

How to Avoid Affiliates Ghosting You

A commonly overlooked aspect of the affiliate business is the nuance of communicating properly with your affiliate partners. We have a “secret sauce” that will help you have good mailings and communication with your affiliate partners, so they stop ghosting you and instead come back to promote your offers again.     Communicating With Affiliates   

Affiliate Marketing

What Makes the Perfect Affiliate Manager

When you’re growing your affiliate department, you need to find yourself a rockstar affiliate manager to help you scale your affiliate program. You may already have someone in mind for the position, but may not be sure their strengths and weaknesses are a good fit. Fear not! We’ve hired, tested and trained over 650 rockstar

Affiliate Marketing

Growing An Affiliate Department

When it’s time to really grow your affiliate department, hiring a strong affiliate manager is essential. Unfortunately, there is often much confusion around the responsibilities of the business owner and the affiliate manager. Here we will show you the differences between these roles, what makes a strong affiliate manager, and the essential skills of the

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How Does Your Affiliate Program Compare To The Industry Standards?

Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is vital to measuring success in any industry. While we are here to talk about KPIs for offers concerning affiliate marketing, we want to look specifically at the health and wellness industry standards inside of this article.    East 5th Avenue has over a decade of experience helping health and