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Onboarding And Managing Affiliate Partners

It is important to understand the in-depth process of acquiring new affiliate partners and how to manage their progress and work within your business. Our course provides advice and details about how to move forward in a professional and organized manner when starting your onboarding process. There are four areas you must understand within this process:


Note that if you haven’t already read part one How To Select The Right Affiliate Tracking Portal For Your Affiliate Program check it out here.


  1. Sign Up Process


First, you must provide your potential affiliate partners with an application form. It requires their basic information (company name and address), as well as your terms and conditions, and partnership terms. We recommend bookmarking these application pages to help streamline your sign up process for potential affiliate partners.


  1. Affiliate Partner Information


It is important to keep all the affiliate information organized from the applications including:


  •         Their name
  •         Company
  •         Emails
  •         What their links are and their sizes
  •         Their preferred payment method, etc.


You can use a variety of software to manage all this information such as monday.com, spreadsheets, bootcamp, and Hubspot. This helps manage all your affiliate partners in one space, while also being able to toggle specific information and keep in contact with individual partners.


  1. Affiliate Partner Management


Management software helps to track affiliate promotions by keeping track of affiliate statistics based on their mailings. By giving a snapshot of how long each deal comes into place, tracking promotions can reveal which partners have the best-converting statistics. This will allow you to hone in on your top partners with mutually beneficial lists while also helping to grow your relationship. We use monday.com to help organize all the details of potential affiliates. This helps us see:


  •         With whom you have had discussions with about wanting to mail
  •         What kind of partner they are
  •         If they are signed up to promote
  •         Whether they have their assets and links
  •         Their mailing status


It’s important to get mailing dates, and if someone has made a commitment to mail, they have the obligation to fulfill on their end. It helps to keep a running record of what has happened with your partners. This organization will not only help you make money but also your affiliate partners.


  1. Links and Tool Kit Delivery (Assets)


By having partner information effortlessly within your management software, communication with your affiliate partners becomes seamless, ensuring they have everything they need to mail. Creating email templates makes it easy to record which affiliates are ready to mail after quick communications while staying on top of which partners have their links and assets in order. You have to constantly make updates regarding the status of the deals you make on a regular basis. It all flows easily when all your statistics line up with the information you are receiving from your partners. Thus having mailing commitments from your partners can go hand in hand with click agreements to help gather your numbers together.


Our Building a Successful Affiliate Program course covers in-depth how to select an Affiliate Tracking Portal perfect for your company, as well as a detailed view on how to on-board and manage your affiliate partners.


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