Liss is the chief executive list manager for Graham List Management making tons of money for email list owners and piddles in a lot of direct response health/fitness businesses as a partner. She is the mom of two beautiful but angsty teenagers Kaedyn and Kynlee. Her favorite hobby is caring for her 2 dogs: Pickle Marie (a standard poodle) and Tater McTate Tot (a bull terrier). Liss loves Jesus, short runs on the beach, and lifting weights.

 Ideal client

Graham List Management loves to manage customer data in the health and nutra niche, we run your list as you and generate loads of money for you! None of your data is ever duplicated or shared in any way.


  • • Selecting high-performing offers and copy that fits your list and your voice
  • • Writing email copy in your voice
  • • Content writing
  • • List Hygiene and Deliverability
  • • Very clear and up-to-date tracking
  • • Get your offers traffic in reciprocal deals


Graham List management will select high-performing offers and write copy for them and content that fits your list and your voice. We also handle List Hygiene and Deliverability. All this is presented with Very clear and up-to-date tracking that is visible to all parties. So you can make money from your list without thinking about it, it is generating you income to pay yourself so you can focus on front-end acquisition and new offers.

Results You Can Get By Working With Me

Steven Patton President, Strand Media Partners

Liss with Graham List Management has been an integral part of my business for many years now. She and I have grown our relationship and she is now a close confidant for me in our corner of the Internet (Nutra Supplement Sales). She and I look at the email list monetization business very similarly and I chat with her often to discuss new ideas and ways to expand our respective businesses…. I feel any online business owner looking to monetize their customer list should consider Graham List Management as a potential partner. Her track record in the space is extremely impressive and what she has accomplished for both her and her clients in a handful of years is unmatched. I endorse Liss and Graham List Management without hesitation.

Todd Lamb President PureLife Organics

We can’t speak highly enough about Liss! We have trusted her in managing our email lists for several years and it has generated millions of dollars during that time! We can sit back knowing that it’s consistently bringing in money without us being involved or having to make stressful decisions. It’s peace of mind knowing that Liss is working behind the scenes tirelessly from wherever she may be! She has always made herself available to us and made us feel like we were her only priority. We would highly recommend Liss to any friend or partner of ours. Her loyalty to her clients is exceptional and she quickly becomes a trusted friend to anyone that has had the pleasure of working with her.

Matt Shuebrook

Liss Graham makes bank! She is an industry leader when it comes to list management. I've given her a few of my email lists to manage... and week after week... she MAKES BANK for me:) List management is not as simple as 1,2,3... it takes specific steps to ensure your list is performing well week after week... Liss and her team know the exact formula to follow in order to keep a list thriving for as long as possible.

Additional Resources

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MaxWeb Connect: Liss Graham

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How To Find Hidden Money In Your Email List With Liss Graham

Liss chats with us about her one of a kind story, from being a high school science teacher, who purchased a Clickbank offer and won a contest, to being swept into the world of affiliate marketing, and quickly becoming an email marketing pro managing millions of emails. Today Liss is sought after for managing email and turning lists into high earning passive income for offer owners.

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