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3 Things to Know About Traffic Tribe

So you’ve checked out Traffic Tribe and I know you’re excited but want to make sure it’s right for your business too.

Let me share THREE big ways on how joining the Traffic Tribe will help you significantly.


Cold outreach is a thing of the past–with the Traffic Tribe–you have a group of 227+ members who all want to grow their companies with affiliate marketing and are actively closing deals with each other. The group is a 50/50 mix of offer owners and affiliate managers–you will either be talking with the owner of the company or the affiliate partner. Combined reach size of the collective group is 37,969,301 email subscribers and millions of social media followers and we’re only growing. There are millions of dollars to be made in the group alone.


Monthly deal-making and connection sessions that are solely focused on pitching your offer to willing affiliate partners, and networking and connecting with the Traffic Tribe members — all from the comfort of your own home.


The Traffic Tribe is led by the East 5th Avenue team that has coached and closed over $387 million in affiliate revenue in the last 3 years. A clear, actionable, and easy to follow plan to launch a successful affiliate program (typically a $2,000 blueprint but is included in your Traffic Tribe membership). Learn cutting edge strategies and insights from top industry experts. And get a complete library of fill-in-the-blank process templates, powerful done for you tools, and access to valuable trainings so you can ramp up quickly.

The Traffic Tribe is here to help you stay on top of your game – year after year, upgrade after upgrade, change after change.

Let the Traffic Tribe be your accountability partner.

During the Traffic Tribe calls, like minded professionals are eager and ready to learn and teach.

Why?  Because they know there is ALWAYS something new to learn and people in our community know the importance of being a Go-Giver.

This is the best place to meet new partners stress free.

No I know what you’re thinking…

What If I Can’t Come To Live Meetings?

I get it, we all have a million Zoom calls and meetings scheduled throughout the day and the week.

Who has time for yet another meeting?

To be frank, MANY Traffic Tribe members enjoy coming to the Live community call despite their busy schedules.

And they come to the calls ready to make deals, ready to learn the ropes from industry experts, and ready to help each other.

However, some find it difficult to attend all or any of the live calls…

And it’s okay! If you can’t make it to a call, don’t sweat it.

The power of consistently growing your affiliate revenue is in meeting one new affiliate partner each month.

On average, we add a minimum of 20 new members per month.

That means you can easily cover your lead gen costs and meet new partners each month simply by regularly checking the Member Directory.

Check out this treasure cove of contacts that is updated regularly!

Can’t make partners? Ask for and give referrals. This is what the Traffic Tribe is all about; we’re here to help you and one another.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field, we provide the training, tools and community of partners — everything you need to optimize and grow your affiliate revenue.

Join us in the Traffic Tribe and start learning today!

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Amber Spears
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