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The Power Of Networking Beyond Your Comfort Zone: How To Identify And Build Strong Partnerships

A large network of solid relationships is a key component of a thriving affiliate program. As an affiliate manager, maintaining solid ties with current partners is crucial, but continually growing your network and forming new alliances is critical. This article examines a few strategies for finding and creating solid partnerships outside your network. 


Swap Introductions


This method is prevalent in the affiliate industry. Affiliate managers adopt it in reaching out to interested or potential partners.


It’s all about introduction exchanges. Simply put, this is when you introduce one of your partners to someone in your network in exchange for them introducing you to someone in their network. You can quickly build effective partnerships with this technique, but remember: in order to get the most out of swap introductions, it’s critical to develop authentic relationships rather than just doing transactions.


Hold A Referral Contest


Referral contests are a marketing technique where people spread exciting news about a brand or program through word-of-mouth.



Similarly, you can hold a referral contest and incentivize your partners to promote your brand to interested people who want to become affiliates in your affiliate program. 


Set Up A  2nd Tier program


A second tier program is referral marketing for affiliate marketers, where existing affiliates bring in new affiliates and get paid for the referral. It incentivizes your partners with a specific commission percentage for every new cohort they bring in.



There are two ways to go about setting up a second-tier program and rewarding your partners:


  • You can provide partners with commissions according to every new affiliate brought in,
  • Or you can set up a second-tier commission system where partners receive a percentage of the revenue generated by their new affiliates.


Utilize Affiliate Networks


Affiliate networks are an excellent way to get your products or affiliate programs out there and have people jump on promoting them. Affiliate networks like ClickBank and Goldenberri can be a great way to promote your offer to a broader audience and connect with new potential partners. These networks can help you reach new markets and demographics because they already have audiences.


Promote New 3rd Party Offers


Helping other people promote their offers is an easy way to build strong relationships with individuals outside your network. Through this, you inspire others to consider you a trusted partner and encourage others to promote your program or products to their audience.


List Rentals


List rentals are a very powerful way to promote your offers to potential or new audiences. When you rent a list, you gain access to the marketer’s audience and can even find a handful of new partners ready to promote your product.


Attend Industry Conferences


One of the best ways to network with people is by attending industry conferences. This feature is also applicable to the affiliate marketing sector. 


You can gain new partners or build potential relationships outside your existing network by attending industry-related events, seminars, or workshops. One thing to note is that you must have a clear proposition for your potential partners and be open to building new connections.


Join Affiliate Mastermind Community


Affiliate mastermind communities like Traffic Tribe can also be an excellent way to connect with other affiliate marketers and build effective partnerships. As a community member, you can learn from other marketers and share your experiences.




Here are a few things to note:

  • As an affiliate manager, you must develop new partnerships beyond your existing network to build a thriving affiliate program.
  • Swap introductions involve the exchange of introductions between you and your partners and vice versa. Developing authentic relationships is critical rather than just doing transactions to get the most out of swap introductions.
  • Hold a referral contest to encourage your partners to become brand ambassadors for your brand and promote you to interested people who want to become affiliates.
  • Set up a 2nd tier program to reward your partners for bringing in new affiliates.
  • Affiliate networks are a great way to promote your products or affiliate programs to a broader audience and connect with new potential partners.
  • Attend industry conferences to network with people and gain new partners. Be open to building new connections and have a clear proposition for your potential partners.


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