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Unlock the Hidden Assets: A Comprehensive Guide to Second-Tier Affiliate Policies

Have you been dismissing second-tier policies as the “benchwarmers” of your affiliate marketing team? If so, it’s time to reconsider. At E5A, we liken second-tier affiliates to a company’s R&D department—undervalued but critical for long-term success. They add depth to your affiliate roster and enrich your business relationships in more ways than one.


Why Second-Tier Affiliates Are Your Unsung Heroes


In the affiliate marketing world, second-tier partners go by several names, from Parent Affiliates and Referral Parents to Sub Affiliates and Connectors. Think of them as the “supporting actors” in a blockbuster movie; they may not grab the headlines, but they’re crucial to the storyline.


The Golden Rules for Treating Second-Tier Affiliates Like VIPs


  • Don’t Ignore the Small Fish: Vendors, junior affiliate managers, and administrative staff can serve as your “business scouts,” spotting opportunities you might otherwise miss.
  • Reward the Scouts: Just like you would incentivize a top-performing sales team, second-tier affiliates should be compensated for their efforts.
  • Lifetime Benefits: Offering ongoing commissions is akin to a pension plan for your affiliates—a continuous reward for their loyalty.
  • Due Diligence: Audit your second-tier commissions like you would a financial statement, ensuring every line item and referral is accounted for.


The Ethics and Guidelines: Know Who You’re Drafting


It’s crucial to distinguish between contractors and employees when enlisting second-tier affiliates. Clearly outline your policies to ensure you’re on the right side of ethical norms.


Suggested Commission Structure


  • Information Products: 10%
  • Coaching: 5%
  • Supplements: 5-7.5%


Unlocking Opportunities in Unlikely Places


  • Affiliate Manager Partnerships: It’s like forming strategic business alliances; both parties can benefit by cross-referring opportunities.
  • Underrated Assets: From gatekeepers like personal assistants to industry vendors like copywriters, these are the “diamonds in the rough” in your network.
  • Look Internally: Sometimes, your existing team can be a goldmine for new affiliate opportunities.


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